The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor by Argentinean composer Nicolás Alfredo Alessio (1919-1985) was composed in 1945 and premiered on 21 September, 1946 in the El Circulo Theater of the city of Rosario, Argentina with Mario Angel Alessio (1922-1974) at the piano, brother of the composer and the Concerto's co-author and the Orchestra of the Symphonic Association of Rosario conducted by the composer, Nicolás Alfredo Alessio.  On 8 July, 1950; Concerto in A minor received its second performance, this time with Emilio Alessio, another brother of the composer and the Symphony Orchestra of the city of Cordoba, Argentina conducted by Italian director Lionelllo Forzanti.  In pursuing his mission of bringing to light forgotten composers, Fabio is currently preparing the revival of this remarkable piece and has recorded a preliminary reference of the soloist part