José Antonio Bottiroli


Composer of classical music and poet, José Antonio Bottiroli was born in Rosario, Argentina on 1 January 1920 and died in Rosario on 15 March 1990.  Since he was a young child and until his death, he lived alternately between Rosario and Los Cocos, a hill town retreat located in the province of Cordoba, also in Argentina.  He studied with José de Nito (1887-1945), José Francisco Berrini (1897-1963) and Nicolás Alfredo Alessio (1919–1985). In 1948 he graduated from the “Juan María Gutiérrez” School of Music of the National University of the Littoral with a professorate degree in music and the Rotary Club Award for the best music student.  He composed 115 compositions and wrote 77 poems.   For full biography click here

Bottiroli's home: Remonda - Montserrat Palace, Rosario, Argentina.

Los Cocos, Cordoba by Italo Argentino Botti, circa 1935.