National Flag Memorial, Rosario, Argentina

In 1960, Belgrano March -  Song B-7, was approved by the National Council of Education of Argentina and the General Council of Education of the Province of Santa Fe to be included in their respective national and provincial patriotic song repertories.  In addition, by decree of the City of RosarioBelgrano – March Song was declared “the official song in the jurisdiction of the city to be sung in ceremonies at the National Flag Memorial, in commemoration of the Argentinean Flag and in memory of General Manuel Belgrano.

Belgrano Song - March B-7 interpreted by soprano Alicia Caruso and pianist Mariela Vecchioli

Belgrano Song-March premier

Belgrano Song-March was premiered on 11 May 1962 by the Military Institute Choir and the band of the Infantry Regiment General Arenales conducted by Captain Antonio Rabuffetti.  The composer is standing in the far right.